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Arkansas Flooded Timber Duck Hunt in a DOWNPOUR!! (6 Limits)


Close friends, flooded timber, and green heads are things we’re all thankful for. Thanksgiving is a day to reflect upon all of the blessings we’ve been given. On this day, we celebrated by spending the morning with close friends and sharing a tree in the legendary Lost Island duck woods. We couldn’t be more grateful to have gotten to experience such a morning. We also managed a nice limit of ducks despite the downpour, and made a memory that will surely last a lifetime. We hope that all of you enjoyed the holiday with your friends and family, and hope you all know that we’re grateful for each and every one of you as well


► 15 SHOTS, 15 GREENHEADS over Shallow Ice Hole!!!
► Texas Speck Limits From Inside The Spread!!
► 3 Species of Geese IN A 3 PIECE SUIT!!!
► Extremely Rare Bird Shot on Grandpa’s First Goose Hunt!!
► 3 GUNS, 60 GEESE our Last Day in Scotland!
► Arkansas Early Speck Opener (22 Limits)
► DOUBLE LIMITS of Mallards & Specks with Lights Out Shooting!!
► EPIC Duck Hunt!!! (Thousands of Mallards Landed in Our Decoys)
► SOLO Speck Limit in Ghillie Suit!!
► Dry Field Duck Hunting & Dive Bomb Canada Warehouse Tour!!
► Knocked Out by a Falling Goose! (Must See)
► We Shot 4 Bands in 1 Volley! (Michigan Goose Hunting)
► Crushing 65 Honkers in Middle of the Field in an A-Frame over the NEW Fully Flocked Silos
► 100 Teal in an Hour on Opening Day (Incredible Texas Duck Hunting)
► Local Minnesota Honkers in Silage Field with VERY Tough Hide!!
► Unforgettable First Goose Hunt in Standing Corn
► First Bird of the Year was BANDED! 2021 NoDak Early Goose Hunting
► All Green Limit Solo Duck Hunt on Public Land
► RARE Emperor goose hunt gone WRONG!!
► Unreal Alaska Brant Hunting (Tarsal Bands)
► EPIC Oklahoma Duck Hunt Over Small Pond (13 Limits)


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