Modern technology gives us many things.

CGI 2022 Story Studio: Exploration and Understanding


Science and technology allow us to overcome our human limitations and enhance our capacity to survive and thrive in the world. In the last decades, science and technology have become central to the solutions to many of our global challenges, including the potential to connect people and access information in ways that were unimaginable before. This session will feature stories of people who have used science and technology to improve the human condition, overcoming personal barriers and societal obstacles in the process. #CGI2022

○ Ashley Tyler Judd, Partner, Kokolopori Bonobo Research Reserve
○ Sara Wahedi, Founder/CEO, Ehtesab
○ Martin Surbeck, Assistant Professor, Human Evolutionary Biology
○ Sumak Helena Sirén Gualinga, Advisor, Daughters for Earth

About Story Studio:
President Clinton often speaks about how storytelling has been critical to his personal journey: “Growing up in Arkansas just after World War II in a family that didn’t have a lot of money, most of our entertainment revolved around storytelling. Listening to my relatives and neighbors tell stories showed me that everyone has a story, and that everyone’s story has value. When I got into politics, I always thought that the main point of my work was to give people a chance to have better stories. And after I left office, that same purpose led me to start the Clinton Foundation.”

Building on President Clinton’s ability to harness the power of storytelling, Story Studio seeks to use stories to ignite future action within the CGI community. Set in a more informal and relaxed space, the Story Studio cultivates a unique opportunity to hear inspirational stories from trailblazers, gridlock busters, innovators, and those on the frontlines of our biggest common challenges. Attendees at CGI’s 2022 Meeting are invited to join these Story Studio sessions to hear the experiences and personal journeys that illuminate the complex challenges we face and the solutions and actions we strive to take.

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