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College Weekend Wrap Up: Arkansas remains at the top spot, MAC action


Texas takes 2/3 from TCU, TCU still holds a one game lead in the Big 12. Zach Zubia goes deep twice on Sunday in the rubber match, hitting .307 with 9 on the year
FSU takes 2/3 from Notre Dame for Notre dame’s first ACC loss on the year. Parker Messick on Friday: 6IP 1ER 8K, 2.37 ERA on the season
Ball State & CMU split MAC matchup, CMU remains ahead in conference and has the clearer path to the title
UC Irvine takes ¾ from UC Santa Barbara
Liberty sweept Kennesaw State
ECU takes ¾ from Tulane. Thomas Francisco goes deep twice on Sunday
Stanford takes 2/3 from Arizona including a walkoff on Friady night from Brock Jones
Ole Miss struggles + Gunnar Hoglund potential injury

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