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Deion Sanders, Jackson State & HBCU have "Power 5" conferences & schools worried. They should be.


To some, it’s just a handful of college football players deciding to leave the “Power 5” schools and head for historically black college programs, and the dent is not even noticeable. To them, that is the height of arrogance and hubris. Deion Sanders is at the forefront of a sweeping change in college football and athletics, the end result of a society torn apart by racist ideals with student athletes and their parents deciding culture and comfort are more important than taking a chance at sitting on the bench at arger programs. Join Emmy Award winning sportscaster Ed Berliner and nationally recognized High School/College Recruiting Analyst Larry Blustein as they deliver a thinking that many larger schools refuse to consider, something that will snap back and eventually bite them in the assets. There’s a movement here, and it’s easy to see. “The Blu Sheet” is an exclusive presentation of “Talk Sports Network”.


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