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How Organizations Address Driver Shortages: Innovative Retention & Employee Wellness Strategies


As the freight transportation industry continues to grapple with driver shortages, lane congestion, and seemingly infinite demand, carriers are having to resort to new and innovative ways to recruit and retain drivers. Why? Because just increasing driver pay isn’t always enough. And with shortages already crippling the industry, trucking companies can ill afford to lose a single driver. Dr. Stephanie Thomas, Professor of Supply Chain Management at the University of Arkansas, has done research that shows that pay is not the only factor in attracting and retaining driver talent. In fact, her work has shown that oftentimes simply increasing pay isn’t enough, but rather a more holistic approach to providing a broad array of benefits is more impactful. In this session, Dr. Thomas will share more data from her research and provide insights into emerging best practices for driver recruitment and retention.

About the Speaker
Dr. Stephanie Thomas, Associate Professor of Practice at the University of Arkansas
Dr. Stephanie Thomas is currently an Associate Professor of Practice of Supply Chain Management in the Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas. She earned a B.A. and M.B.A. from the University of Tennessee. Dr. Thomas earned her Ph.D. in Logistics/Supply Chain Management with a Marketing support area from Georgia Southern University. Prior to coming to the University of Arkansas, she was an Assistant Professor at Texas Tech University.

Dr. Thomas teaches the Integrated Supply Chain Management course which is designed to give Walton students a broad overview of the exciting world of supply chain management and logistics. She enjoys incorporating her previous work experience with Lowe’s Companies, IBM, and Stanley Tools in her class discussions.


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