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How to Fix Dysfunctional Government with Esper CEO Maleka Momand


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00:00 Show Intro
00:40 Maleka’s Story
02:55 Problems with Regulatory State
07:09 Economic Toll of Regs
10:02 Regs Disproportionately Hurt Small Biz
12:10 How Esper Works
18:43 Understanding Policymaking
25:01 Ridiculous Problems in Reg State

Maleka Momand is the co-founder and CEO of Esper, a technology platform that transforms how governments oversee the regulatory process. In recent decades, the size of the administrative state has exploded. Yet, many regulators still operate via Word, Excel, and, in some cases, pen and paper! This has led to a lack of transparency and accountability, not to mention a morass of outdated, disjointed regulations. By applying data analytics and artificial intelligence to augment regulators and regulatory processes, Esper is improving how governments function and interact with the business community.

NOTE: Esper currently has clients in 8 U.S state governments, not 11 as mentioned in the episode.

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