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HUGE Updated Waterfalls in Arkansas 2022 MAP Cell Phone Version! – LINK IN THE DESCRIPTION BELOW


After many months of procrastinating, here it finally is! Welcome to the most recent version of the #waterfallsinarkansas waterfall map, along with how to get the most out of it tips.

This video is intentionally made in vertical format to aid with viewing from your phone.

These videos, and in particular the map ones take a TON of work. I’m happy to share them, and hope you find them worthwhile. If you have found this information and all the info on the map to be of any value, then please take a moment to like and SUBSCRIBE!

To view the DESKTOP / LAPTOP initial map video (published in Feb 2021) which includes the backstory to the creation of this map, click here:

To view and save the most recently updated Google Map, click here:

For the video steps & tips for best use of this map, read on:
STEP 1. Copy the map link above, and paste the link into Safari on your phone. (0:14)
I’ve found that using the map from Safari, and NOT from the Google Maps App, is much easier to do.

STEP 2. Add the map link to Favorites. (0:23)
Once you’ve pasted the map to Safari, I recommend you add it to your phone Favorites in Safari so you don’t have to keep looking it up. Do this by using the “forward (share) icon at the bottom of your phone screen, similar to if you were about to text it to a friend, but instead choose the “Add to Favorites” option.

STEP 3.Open the map up again in Safari. (0:40)
– Tap the map title at the bottom of your phone screen to open up the map layers.(0:45) You will see that they can easily be filtered by selecting / unselecting the desired layers. **Reminder! if you UNCHECK the Parking layer, then the PARKING LOCATIONS won’t show on the map until you select that layer again!
– Tap the Description box at the top of your screen to open up the map explanation and legend. (1:08) While my dog may be an Olympic Athlete, I’m just an an average Joe in my 50’s. The ratings are my perception of hiking difficulty at the time. Waterfall/Hiking Symbols indicate that I have been there within the last 3 years, and there is a video clip with more detail behind it. The small dots are basically still my to do list! (Blue for Tim Ernst falls and red for Rick Henry documented falls)

STEP 4. Plan a Trip! (1:23)
– Use you fingers to manipulate the viewing area on your phone screen, and find a fall or area you would like to visit. Tap on the waterfall symbol, and it’s title will appear at the bottom of your screen. Tap on the title and it will expand, showing the GPS waypoint and a hyperlink to a short video. Most videos are intentionally only around 3 minutes long, all showing a little of what the trail looks like as well as the fall.
– Tap the drop-down arrow to access the video description box.(1:55) You’ll find access to an INCREDIBLE amount of detail in that box. Sure, there’s a couple of paragraphs of what Super Leeds got up to on the trip, but there are GPS waypoints, and links to my GAIA tracks (All Trails too in more more recent vids) for you to download and follow if you’d like.
TIP: Screenshot the waypoints so you have them for your vehicle navigation system, or for manual entry to your own apps / GPS devices. I’d HIGHLY recommend you download maps for off line use while you’re at it too – many MANY places simply have signal that is poor to none when you are out there!

STEP 5. Get the directions! (2:25)
– Simply navigate back to the map, and tap the Parking symbol. A google map link will open up, all you have to do is enter your starting location and you’re off!
If I’m aware of google maps routing you along dead ends or impassable roads, then that will be indicated in the DESCRIPTION SECTION of the YOUTUBE VIDEO
TIP: We are able to see many falls in the same day or over the same weekend. We do so by notating nearby falls or ones along the way to and from.

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