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If You See an Open Space in a Forest, Get Away Fast!


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The beauty of nature all around you, the fresh air, and days and days of meditative rest far away from civilization ahead of you. But you’ve been walking for quite some time to get this far, and now it’s time to set up camp. The woods around are dense, and there’s no suitable place to put up your tent. Then, you notice a nice green patch completely devoid of trees and only sprinkled with some low-growing bushes. You go there, smug about your find, and get to work on the tent.

The ground is unusually soft and smooth, but that doesn’t bother you too much. By the time you’re done, it’s dark already, so you get inside the tent and crawl into your cozy sleeping bag. You wake up from a creeping feeling that something’s not right. You feel… wet? You rush out of the tent as quickly as you can and see that it’s started to sink into the ground. Turns out you’ve set up camp on a swamp! Swamps aren’t always obvious. But there are some other things that can ruin your forest vacation so today we’ll tell you how to camp in the wood!


Avoid forest swamps 0:11
Always look up 2:22
Stay away from any bodies of water, 3:42
… hilltops, 5:24
and open spots 6:02
Winter camping 6:43

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