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Inside Hogs+ with Arkansas AD Hunter Yurachek & Associate AD Taylor McGillis


Hogs+ is the latest original content play in college athletics and Arkansas has had incredible success early after launching following the Razorbacks big win over Texas to kick off the 2021 football season. We sit down with Athletic Director Hunter Yurachek and Associate AD for Marketing & Brand Development Taylor McGillis to discuss the OTT effort in-depth.

00:00 – Hunter Yurachek
00:49 – Why was this the right time and who helped you launch Hogs+?
01:56 – How did you weight the compelling content and revenue opportunities with the potential distractions for your sport programs?
03:29 – Did you receive any pushback from your coaches given the level of access?
05:00 – Why are you so bullish on the idea that this is opportunistic for the entire department in terms of what you can bring fans?
06:32 – Are you comfortable wearing the mic and being candid with the cameras and the microphone?
07:49 – Long-term, how is Hogs+ a win for Arkansas?

09:01 – Taylor McGillis
09:31 – Was it the plan to launch on September 10, one day before the opening kickoff against Texas?
10:54 – How pleased were you with the initial success following the Texas win?
11:54 – Was the plan to have most of the content be reactionary on the opening weekend?
12:52 – What is the goal for your overall content strategy?
15:22 – How are you deciding what content will be posted on social media versus behind the Hogs+ paywall?
16:25 – How did you ideate the overall marketing strategy and initial $7.99 per month price point?
18:32 – How did you work with the Razorback Foundation and Executive Director Scott Varady to create buy-in?
20:30 – What have been the early metrics for success for Hogs+?
21:50 – How do you continue to keep and build momentum after such a successful launch?
23:29 – How are you going to measure success over the next few years?

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