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Joe Rogan: Jake Paul Knocking Anderson Silva DOWN! Dana White & Heavy Weight Boxing!


LOL WATCH TO THE END!! Joe Rogan, Ari Shaffir, Tom Segura, and Bert Kreischer React Jake Paul knocking down Anderson Silva, if he’s really making money or not from these fights & the heavy weight division in boxing / Dana White!

Ari Shaffir, Tom Segura, and Bert Kreischer are stand-up comics and podcast hosts. Ari is the host of “The Skeptic Tank” podcast. His new special, “Ari Shaffir: Jew,” is available now on YouTube. Together, Tom and Bert are the co-hosts of the “2 Bears, 1 Cave” podcast. Tom also co-hosts a podcast with his wife and fellow comedian Christina Pazsitzky, “Your Mom’s House,” as well as his own Spanish language podcast: “Tom Segura en Español.” His new book, “I’d Like to Play Alone, Please: Essays,” is available now. Bert hosts his own podcast, “The Bertcast,” and can be seen starring on TBS’s “The Go-Big Show,” and the YouTube cooking program “Somethings Burning.”

Joe Rogan Experience # 1892 Sober October 4 Recap

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