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Lets explore Ritchey Mill. How do grist mills work? Grinding Corn and making flour. Millin' Around


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Nestled on the banks of Shoal Creek in Newton County is Ritchey Mill. The two story mill was built circa 1890 and rebuilt after a fire circa 1930. The original mill was powered by a turbine and the later version of the mill was powered by a diesel engine. Current renovations to the mill include the installation of an overshot water wheel. The country estate is well worth the tour. Learn what equipment is used to grind corn and flour to make grits, stone ground flour and livestock feed.

As a bonus to the video, I will also take you to the ruins site of the Griffin-Nelson Mill in Christian County. The mill was used as a hospital for the civil war and the mill had a surprise ending when a over zealous bureaucrat blew up the mill dam while the owner was on vacation.

Let’s talk about how mills work and why they are located near beautiful water sources. We will discuss the different types of grist mills, overshot wheels , undershot wheels and turbines. We will explore how the technology is still used today in modern hydroelectric dams.

Millin’ Around with Jim Viebrock Season 1 Episode 5 release date 4/24/2022
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Welcome to Millin’ Around with Jim Viebrock.
In this video blog series I travel all around the country re-visiting the old mills that I have photographed for more than 30 years. These sites have interesting history and are nestled in some of the most picturesque locations in the country. I’ll talk about the unique features of each structure and the use of the topography to create energy, I’ll share the stories of human success and trials, how the mill operated and how each mill impacted the communities that grew alongside them. I’ll talk about how these mills were used during the civil war, why they were captured or burned and by who. These fascinating locations are true survivors and their stories are worthy of telling. Come with me on a beautiful journey of folklore, history and engineering, not to mention some of the most beautiful and amazing locations.

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