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Miracu-League: Episode 6: The Kiss – Ft. Lindalee Rose


Cat Noir’s publicist arrives and offers him a brand new superhero sidekick… and she is a sight to behold. Can Ladybug outdo this wannabe superheroine, or will Paris’s dynamic duo fall apart?

These are the adventures of…. The Miracu-League!


FEATURING – Lindalee Rose as Grace Miller, the publicist

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Disclaimer: We don’t own Ladybug or Cat Noir. They belong to the talented folks at Zagtoon. We just like to bring them to life.

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Ladybug/Black Cat – Chloe Bailey (Sunset)
Cat Noir – Topher Putnam (Putnamental)
Hawkmoth: Adam Lazarus –
Insta –
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Editing/Animation – Topher Putnam (Putnamental)
Costumes – Chloe Bailey (Sunset Rogue)


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