Modern technology gives us many things.

The Future of Real Estate AR


A conceptual video on AR technology transporting viewers to the not-so-distant future of home buying


A LNG Studios Film

Lead Cast: Jenna Hill as Olivia
Supporting Cast: Jordan Macnab as Real Estate Agent
Patrick Gerber as Mark
Ruth Lewis as Emily
Jordan Wade as Josh
Matt White as Olivia’s Dad
Trieu Mai as AI

Director: Leon Ng
Producers: Milton Ng, Trieu Mai
Associate Producer: Allyson Zhong
Director of Photography: Alfonso Chin
Camera Operator: Trieu Mai
Editor: Trieu Mai
Sound: Trieu Mai
Music Composer: Jeremy Lim
Sound Effects: Calvin Hui, Trieu Mai
Story Consultant/Script: Allyson Zhong
Visual Effects Lead: Calvin Hui
Visual Effects: Shashaank Sreenivasan, Daria Alexander
Colourist: Alex Runhaar, Calvin Hui
Gaffer/Grip: Tim Laks
Graphic Design: Belinda Wu, Jo Anne Yuson
3D Animation & Design: Amine Matta, David Lin, Washington Carige, Nora Cao

Special Thanks
Andy Liu
Jordan Macnab
Vincent Lee
JJ Jonasz
Randi Bradley
Melody Lu


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