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The Role of Urban and Workforce Development in Community Growth


Aaron Miller is the Head of Partnerships at inTulsa, which connects innovative companies and diverse talent with the mission of growing Tulsa into a vibrant and inclusive community. In his role, he connects inTulsa’s work to upskilling programs, higher education, government, corporates, philanthropy, and thought leaders. Aaron is skilled in economic, workforce, and talent development, innovation, and technology. He focuses on organizational effectiveness and aligning team structure and culture with business objectives.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

• Aaron Miller shares his career background
• Aaron’s role in developing Tulsa’s event park, Guthrie Green
• Overcoming the challenges of executing a large-scale community project
• Why did Aaron return to Tulsa?
• How inTulsa connects entrepreneurs with diverse talent
• inTulsa’s strategies for attracting talent and creating entry-level jobs
• The importance of acquiring diverse talent

In this episode…

As an entrepreneur focused on urban and workforce development in a small town, fostering an inclusive culture is essential to business growth. So, how can you promote diversity and initiate organizational change to create a vibrant community?

As Aaron Miller has observed, executing a large-scale project or initiative for community enrichment involves partnering with progressive people who can empower others to embrace change. Working to accomplish a common goal establishes and scales a dynamic culture. Additionally, when creating careers for social change, Aaron emphasizes generating professional development programs to upskill talent and produce opportunities for diverse and entry-level employees. inTulsa recruits diverse talent to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to grow and enrich the community.

Join Mat Zalk in today’s episode of The Same Day Podcast as he hosts Aaron Miller, Head of Partnerships at inTulsa, to discuss urban and workforce development initiatives for community expansion. Aaron talks about overcoming the challenges of executing a large-scale community project, the importance of acquiring diverse talent, and his role in developing Tulsa’s community park, Guthrie Green.

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