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Does everyone in Arkansas shop at Walmart?
Did Bill Clinton ruin Arkansas’ economy?
And does Arkansas have some of the prettiest countryside in the south?

We’ll answer those questions and talk about a whole lot more than just that. So let’s all grab a buggy. Cause we’re gonna unbox the state of Walmart! Also known as Arkansas.

Ok. Here we go. We’re at the best place in the world for retail shopping. Where you can get practically anything you want. Where you can get into a fight over a flatscreen and see people shooting up in the bathroom. Where you can park your RV for a week and no one will care. Where you can get a job at 70 and earn lousy wages. Where they aren’t any real cashiers anymore. Where you can get a whole outfit for church for thirty bucks.

Of course, we are at Walmart. Now Walmart is the butt of many jokes, and it doesn’t have the reputation as being a very glamorous place to shop. But it’s cheap and convenient and 95% of Americans spent money here at some point last year, and YOU were probably here some time last week. More people spend money at Walmart than any other place where you can SPEND money. So, say what you want about Walmart, but it’s definitely a big part of the US culture.

We’re here at Walmart because we’re in Arkansas. And Arkansas is the first ever Walmart was opened, way back in 1962. It’s also where Walmart’s worldwide headquarters is located. I say worldwide because there are more than 10,000 Walmart stores in 23 other countries including many countries in Africa and South America.

But, as you may be aware, Walmart has a bad side. Many Walmart employees make up the bulk of the Arkansas welfare rolls, as many of its workers are among the ranks of the Arkansas working poor. They don’t pay people very much. And Walmart’s dominance here in Arkansas has meant tens of thousands of lost jobs from smaller retail locations, which just can’t compete with the global giant.

Many areas of Arkansas have a frail economy, and there are parts of this state you would never want to live in. And if you’re deciding to move to Arkansas, or just want to know more about this state, you want to know where the good areas are, the bad areas are and where all the rednecks live.
This is Arkansas.

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