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Will SuperWorld AR shock the Metaverse with new virtual real estate, nfts and utility frontiers ?


Buy Your Plot Of Digital Land Here

Will SuperWorld AR shock the Metaverse with new virtual real estate, nfts and utility frontiers ?

SuperWorld AR Real Estate is considered to be any digital plot of 100m By 100m land acquirable out of 64.8 Billion Blocks on the SuperWorld platform. Mapping the world into blocks, the game of Monopoly comes to life, as users can buy any historical, iconic, or familiar landmarks with SuperWorld’s AR Real Estate Tokens on the SuperWorld platform. This is the common long-term mechanism that will be used to bind our ecosystem together. Any user, from content viewers to developers and marketers, can buy and sell AR real estate.

How does SuperWorld AR work?

Users arrive at the SuperWorld platform and purchase the rights to any available plot of land on the real world map interface for 0.1 Ethereum. When a user buys a plot of land, he or she is buying an ERC721 token that corresponds to the unique latitude and longitude polygon selected. For example, if someone were to buy a section of Times Square in NYC, that section of land has an intrinsic string of code embedded into it and can only be associated with one person, or to be more specific, one account address at a time. The owner of this AR real estate can do whatever they choose with it—hold it long term and share in future ad revenue placed on their property, or list it for resale immediately. When you buy a piece of AR real estate, you’re buying a unique, non-fungible piece of the blockchain.

Why Buy SuperWorld AR Virtual Real Estate ?

Lots of reasons! Owning a piece of SuperWorld real estate quite literally gives you its ‘property rights’. Holding a SuperWorld AR Real Estate Token allows buyers to have ownership of iconic landmarks and areas where future AR posts and advertising will be placed in the SuperWorld platform. The goal is to identify the best places of real estate in the world—or just places that you love—and buy or sell that real estate over time, as you like. The purpose of the AR Real Estate Token is to enable our users to become key stakeholders in our virtual ecosystem.

Our ecosystem is growing and now includes our NFT Salon marketplace and more, with many high profile investors and backing onboard.

We are looking for brand collaborations and partners to utilise our powerful AR landscape, technology and ecosystem to build experiences, attractions, utilities and art in order to build the metaverse

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