44 Ardent Drops Beautiful UKG Single “onlyknow”


44 Ardent continues to impress us with his ability to make tunes that instantly grab our attention and lock us into a groove that orbits his world.

His latest single “onlyknow” is a mix between UKG and lo-fi elements that seamlessly come together for a intoxicating experience. Paired with heavily autotuned vocals and a dreamy synth melody, 44 ardent yet again creates another sonic masterpiece.

He’s been keeping himself quite busy over the last few months, releasing us a new single every couple of weeks, and lucky for us, he’s shared all of this is building towards a new EP!

“When I first started 44 Ardent, this is the sort of song I wanted to make. Lots of melodic elements and layers with a dark driving bassline. The vocal was actually taken from a different demo idea from ages ago, but I sped it up and changed the pitch + it ended up fitting perfectly. I’m working on an album at the moment and I think it will have a few more songs like this. I do try to write without a particular theme or direction as much as possible though, and I tend to change everything at the last minute, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.” ~ 44 Ardent

Listen below!

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