3 reasons you should buy a foldable smartphone this Cyber Monday


Foldable smartphones have come a long way, and we’re at a point where Samsung’s dominant position is meticulously challenged in the US market – and it’s even tighter in Europe, where other companies, such as HONOR and OPPO, are present. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you might be tempted to give one of these foldable smartphones a try, and here I combined three reasons why now is the best time to consider buying one.

Before we go any further, it’s worth mentioning that I’ve been using a foldable smartphone for over two years, and some of my reasoning is based on my personal experience. That said, you must know that foldables aren’t for everyone, and if you can’t see a single beneficial use case, you might still want to skip it and opt instead for a high-end flagship from companies like Apple, Google, or Samsung.



3 Foldables are more compact than traditional smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Maps Widget on Outer Screen

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There’s no way around this, and one of the best features of modern foldables – especially flip phones – is that they’re more compact than traditional slab smartphones. While it’s true that this adds more weight and thickness, and overall real estate in your pocket, or bag is much smaller, making them easier to carry in most cases.

The same is also true for the book-like foldables, such as the Google Pixel Fold, and Galaxy Z Fold 5. They’re often as big as standard smartphones, taking up nearly the same amount of space in tight locations, yet they offer twice the screen real estate in a similar footprint. Devices like the HONOR Magic V2 offer an even more ergonomic feel and design to the extremely thin profile.

2 Better for productivity


Devices like the OnePlus Open, Pixel Fold or the Galaxy Z Fold 5 offer unique software features that let you take advantage of the entire screen. For instance, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 allows you to open four separate apps side-by-side, one of which is a pop-up window that you can move around. While this might be an overkill for some, having the ability to run at least two apps simultaneously, side-by-side has proven to be a deal-breaking feature in my case.

I can’t tell you how often I use this feature, and the best way to utilize it is by using a foldable, or a large-screen device like a tablet. Opening a browser on the left and Amazon on the right enables me to compare prices, chat with friends, or pin YouTube on the top while watching videos and reading reviews from critics. If you’re a power user, a foldable could change the way you consume content in an entirely new way.

I sometimes edit scripts and articles on my phone, since editing is far more user-friendly and easier. You have a lot more screen to work with, and the keyboard is also larger, so even people with large hands can type up a few paragraphs without any issues. I have taken media notes on my Galaxy Z Fold 4 on several occasions. If you’re a professional who uses a lot of apps simultaneously, or you’re a power user, and you want to play two games at the same time, then a foldable is likely a good match for you.

1 The ability to do more

Foldables are not only more compact, with flagship performance and excellent software that enables you to do more, but they’re also more flexible, opening up an entirely new way for you to use the smartphone. Many devices now come with a flex mode feature, enabling you to use the phone as a tripod and take static photos or time-lapses that would otherwise require a tripod.

That’s not all, some apps, such as YouTube, Netflix, and others are now featuring unique layouts that can display more content, and offer additional features, such as extra navigation and control buttons to play/pause, and interact with the content. Some might say these aren’t all that useful, but if you ever find yourself in a confined area, you’ll appreciate the extra features foldables offer.

During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can purchase some of the best foldable smartphones money can buy. Devices like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 are now available for as low as $750, making foldable flagships more affordable than ever.

  • pbi-samsung-galaxy-z-fold-5

    Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

    Save up to $1,000 when you trade-in

    $1420 $1920 Save $500

    The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 is the latest foldable flagship in the lineup. It’s equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, a powerful triple rear camera, a large 6.2-inch cover and 7.6-inch main display, and a large battery that can last all day on a single charge.

  • PBI Pixel Fold

    Google Pixel Fold

    $1400 $1800 Save $400

    The Pixel Fold is Google’s first foldable smartphone offering some of the finest hardware and software on the market. The device features a 5.8-inch cover display and a big 7.6-inch foldable display. It is powered by the Tensor G2 chipset and is backed by a 4,821 mAh battery.

  • pbi-oneplus-open-voyager-black

    OnePlus Open

    $1500 $1700 Save $200

    The new OnePlus Open is powered by the powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, and comes with an inward folding design. It houses a 7.8-inch main, and a 6.3-inch cover display with 120Hz refresh rate. It has a powerful triple camera setup, and support for 80W wired charging.

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