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Jennifer Lopez has more than just a new album coming out in 2024. While announcing the drop date for This Is Me… Now on November 27, Jennifer, 54, also revealed she’s releasing a companion film that will come out with her album on February 16, 2024. This Is Me… Now: The Film will give fans a “musical experience” of the sequel to her 2002 album, This Is Me.. Then, inspired by Ben Affleck.

2024 is going to be J.Lo’s year. For that reason, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about This Is Me… Now: The Film.

When Does This Is Me… Now: The Film Come Out?

Jennifer’s upcoming film will be released on Prime Video on February 16, 2024, the same day that her ninth album comes out. She announced the film on November 27 with a promotional clip that features plenty of dancing from the “Let’s Get Loud” hitmaker. “Hear It. See It. Live It,” it says on the clip, which is played to Jennifer singing “This Is Me…Now.”

What Is This Is Me… Now: The Film About?

This Is Me… Now was directed by Dave Meyers and was co-written by Jennifer and Ben, among others. The film is “a narrative-driven, intimate, reflective, sexy, funny, fantastical and highly visual musical reimagining of [Jennifer’s] publicly scrutinized love life,” according to a press release.

The end of one of J.Lo’s clips promoting the film reads, “This musical experience is a manifestation through music, film, and reality, of life’s journey on the search for truth about love.”

In another video, Jennifer sits outside in the rain and reads a letter before tossing it in the fire. The letter is dated December 24, 2002 and signed “B,” which is most likely Ben, whom Jennifer split from in early 2004 before they got back together almost two decades later. The letter says, “Life’s tough but you’re sweet. Thanks for the gift. Hope you like the flowers. You told me you could never have enough. I believe you.” Jennifer narrates the clip and says, “When I was a little girl, when someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was always… in love.”

Who Is In This Is Me… Now: The Film?

Jennifer will obviously star in the film inspired by her upcoming album. But who else will appear in This Is Me… Now: The Film? More cast members are expected to be announced at a later date before the film’s release on February 16. Until then, J.Lo will certainly keep giving her fans snippets from her album and the companion film.

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