Extended emergency SOS access for iPhone 14 users


Apple has extended the complimentary usage period for Emergency SOS satellite capabilities for iPhone 14 users. Initially, customers received a two-year free period upon activating their devices, set to expire next year. Now, Apple has decided to extend the Emergency SOS satellite service by an additional year, giving iPhone 14 users a total of three years of free access. This move aims to offer customers peace of mind and continued support, enabling them to use these critical safety features without additional costs.

This change means iPhone 14 and 15 users will have free periods ending around September 2025. The prolonged free access allows users ample time to experience the benefits and convenience of the service before deciding on its future subscription.

Apple has not yet disclosed the pricing for the Emergency SOS service after the extended free period.

The company is expected to announce the official cost details closer to the end of the extended grace period. This strategic move allows Apple to assess the market, gauge the success of its products, and make well-informed decisions based on data-driven insights. By deferring cost decisions, Apple can ensure its investments are appropriately allocated and maximize profit potential.

The extended free access period does not currently apply to iPhone 15 customers, who will continue to receive two years of free service ending in September 2024. However, after said date, the company plans to align its policies for all devices, meaning a change in the service plan for iPhone 14 and 15 users. IPhone 15 customers must stay updated with announcements regarding future policy modifications to avoid any unexpected charges.

Users can also update their location within the Find My app using the satellite signal provided by the Emergency SOS service. This integrated functionality adds another layer of security for iPhone users, allowing them to stay connected and share their whereabouts with trusted contacts, even in remote areas.

Roadside assistance on iPhone 15

With the launch of iPhone 15, Apple expanded the Emergency SOS functions to include roadside assistance contact options for users facing car breakdowns. This additional feature enables users to connect with nearby towing and repair services, ensuring prompt assistance when stranded or experiencing vehicle issues. By integrating the Find My app with Emergency SOS functions, Apple demonstrates its commitment to providing comprehensive safety solutions for its users, further solidifying its position as a leader in the smartphone market.

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