Kemistry Nightclub Brings New Audio Visual Experience in Downtown Fort Lauderdale



Florida is known for having an avid electronic music market and for decades now promoters have worked hard at curating new experiences to continue to keep the scene alive and well in the area.

Well, there’s a new club in town, Fort Lauderdale to be exact, headed by Angel Candelaria (former owner of Cash Only nightclub), Danny Colica (a trailblazer in SoFlo’s rave scene and founder of Hypnotic Productions) and Pepe Vargas (nightlife host and founder of Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival) – per Sun Sentinel.

Kemistry will bring a new Audio Visual experience and a venue which will host some of the largest National acts in Electronic Music, host some historical reunions events, and create a venue, experience, and space for EDM culture to thrive in South Florida. They will focus on the experience with top notch production, hospitality, drinks, and even a full restaurant where people can order food during the event.

They have an exciting upcoming slate, featuring ATLIENS, Camo & Krooked, and more!

Head to their website to check it out.


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