PIERCE Unveils Electrifying Remix of Hucci and Stooki Sound’s “Ball So Hard”


PIERCE has unleashed an exhilarating remix of Hucci and Stooki Sound’s iconic track, “Ball So Hard”. This reimagined version delivers an experimental blend of wonky beats and dynamic soundscapes, setting the stage for a new way to listen to the iconic – “Ball So Hard.”

Renowned for his visionary production style and seamless fusion of diverse musical influences, PIERCE has once again raised the bar with his take on “Ball So Hard”. Infusing the original track with his signature flair, PIERCE has transformed the well-loved classic into an exhilarating modern replica.

“I wanted to create a remix that paid tribute to the essence of ‘Ball So Hard’ while infusing it with my own unique musical vision,” remarked PIERCE. “It’s an absolute honor to remix one of the songs that got me into bass music today. Huge shoutout the Hucci and Stooki Sound for letting me rework this one!” – PIERCE

Check it out below!

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