Amazon unveils WorkSpaces Thin Client for enhanced virtual desktop access


Amazon Web Services has stepped into the thin client market with its latest offering, the Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client. This new device, according to Silicon Angle, is designed to provide a seamless and secure connection to cloud-hosted virtual desktops, marking a significant advancement in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

The WorkSpaces Thin Client, based on Amazon’s Fire TV Cube, is a sleek device for accessing virtual desktops. It supports Amazon WorkSpaces Web and AppStream, offering versatile access to both full virtual desktops and individual cloud applications.

Adam Selipsky, CEO of AWS, highlighted the device’s ease of deployment and enhanced security features. The Thin Client addresses common concerns about device security in the workplace, particularly when employees depart from an organization. Its design ensures that no data from the worker’s virtual desktop is stored locally, significantly reducing the risk of data theft.

Enhanced features and user experience

The Thin Client shares the Fire TV Cube’s hardware, featuring an eight-core processor, 2GB of memory, and 16GB of storage. However, it operates on a distinct software stack, specifically developed for virtual desktop applications. This includes a unique operating system and firmware, ensuring that the device does not retain any data from the virtual desktops it accesses.

Melissa Stein, director of product for end-user computing at AWS, pointed out the cost benefits of this approach. AWS repurposes the Fire TV Cube’s hardware for the affordable Thin Client. The device’s USB and HDMI ports enable peripheral connections, turning it into a standard desktop.

The AWS Management Console plays a crucial role in managing the WorkSpaces Thin Clients. It provides IT administrators with comprehensive tools for controlling application access and monitoring device usage and software updates. This centralized management capability ensures quick and efficient setup for employees, starkly contrasting the more time-consuming process associated with traditional computing devices.

Amazon will sell the WorkSpaces Thin Client for $195 on Amazon Business, its e-commerce platform for organizations. This strategic move is expected to significantly boost the appeal of AWS’s virtual desktop offerings.

Selipsky expressed confidence in the device’s potential impact, stating, “We think it’s going to be really exciting and attractive for customers who are using our Amazon WorkSpaces virtual desktop offering.” Amazon’s new development highlights the growing importance of cloud-based solutions in today’s workplace, combining flexibility, security, and efficiency.

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