My Honest ThirdLove Bras One Year Review


Find out why ThirdLove bras are everything your intimates drawer has been missing!

woman wearing a Thirdlove bra with a white t-shirt over it

Every woman needs a great bra. 🙌🏻

I’m sharing my honest thoughts after wearing ThirdLove bras for almost two years straight. Even better, they’re on sale for up to 70% off for Cyber Monday – including their best-selling classic t-shirt bra!

Plus, you can score a unique $15 off promo code when you utilize the online fitting room! AND, watch for the option to subscribe to text messages where you can score a SECOND $15 off coupon, so you can grab a deal twice!

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Here’s the deal…I was a lifelong Victoria’s Secret shopper (like a lot of my fellow Millennials 😅) before being introduced to ThirdLove. So when I tell you these bras are game-changing, I mean it with every fiber of my being. 🙌🏻

ThirdLove’s 100% Fit Guarantee made my initial switch to these bras a no-brainer because what did I have to lose?

thirdlove discount code bras in drawer

When I discovered ThirdLove’s perfect fit guarantee and learned about their free returns, I knew I had nothing to lose by giving them a try. And did you know 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra? 🤯

Plus, if you don’t love it, ThirdLove returns and exchanges are free for 60 days! ✨

If you’ve heard of ThirdLove bras before, you’ve likely taken notice of the steeper price tags. I get it, they’re expensive, but so are a lot of other bras. Plus, considering a great bra is something I wear nearly every day, I can easily justify the investment for some great support!

They also boast some really impressive qualities other brands don’t:

  • Signature half-cup sizes
  • Over 60 sizes in total
  • Memory foam cups
  • Nickle-free wires
  • Tagless labels for a scratch-free experience
  • Incredibly soft fabrics including organic cotton

And hello…ya don’t have to leave your house! 😯👏🏻 Chances are, these bras are less than you’d spend on a fancy date night out anyway.

I’ve been wearing their Classic T-Shirt bra almost daily for nearly TWO ENTIRE YEARS and can’t rave about it enough!

nude thirdlove discount code bra laying flat on white bed sheet with one year update

This bra happens to be ThirdLove’s #1 selling bra so, of course, it was the first one I tried! 🙌🏻 Since I’ve had it long before my other ThirdLove bras it’s the one I’ve worn the most – almost daily for over a year! I’ll be honest, I’m a lazy bra owner. I always wash mine with regular clothes and I always put them in the dryer even though it’s not recommended. 😬

Despite all of that, I’m SO impressed with how well this bra has held up. 👏🏻

The fabric, straps, and tag look nearly new, the stitching and clasps are all perfectly intact, and the cups still have their perfect shape. I truly couldn’t ask for anything more in a high-quality bra! 🤩

Here’s the deal you can score on their most popular bra with over 33,000 5-star reviews using our exclusive ThirdLove discount code:

blue and green bras

24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra as low as $49 (regularly $72)
Use your exclusive $15 off code
Shipping adds $5.99
Final cost $39.99 shipped!

*Note that select colors are priced at $29, however, sizing is very limited.

woman wearing thirdlove discount code bras pointing to iconic strap on shoulder

Their iconic straps were intimidating at first but I find them to be the most comfortable I’ve ever worn and they never slip off my shoulder or dig into my skin! Plus, I love how they fall wider on my shoulders than all my other bras so they don’t cut into the skin around my armpits and create an awkward bulge of skin. You know what I mean, ladies. 😏

It even passed my white t-shirt test! 🤩

Woman showing glimpse of beige third love bra under white shirt

The ThirdLove 24/7 Second Skin Unlined Bra is one you won’t want to pass up either! 😍

woman wearing uline bra under green top

This bra gives you all the support you need, but amazingly enough, makes you feel naked at the same time! It’s extremely smooth, the straps are barely even noticeable, and invisible under clothes. After months of use, it has held up just as well as my beloved 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra!

Unlined bras may not be for everyone, but if you’re looking for something that feels as freeing as it does supportive, this one will be your new daily go-to.

Don’t just take my word for it, THREE of my Hip Sidekicks shared raving ThirdLove reviews.

Chelsey is also just as obsessed with her new Form 360 bra and we love the fun pattern she got too!

woman wearing purple swirl thirdlove no underwire bra with white button down shirt

“Where are all my small-chested gals at?? AH! I’m so excited to confirm ThirdLove is not just for big boobs! Granted, they won’t always have the smallest size available in all the styles, but this Form 360 Wireless Bra is the only one you’ll need! I am wearing a size Small (normally a 32A) and for probably the first time ever, I have no gaps or falling-down straps. But did I mention NO GAPS?! This bra curves in all the right places and it is SOOOOOO soft, especially without the annoying underwire.

This is seriously one of those bras you could leave on all day and forget you’re wearing because it’s that comfy! I wasn’t sure about the color at first, as I usually stick to neutrals, but how fun is it?? Everything about this bra makes me happy to put it on.” – Chelsey, Hip sidekick

Lina owns multiple ThirdLove bras and has loved them since before I ever gave them a try.

woman wearing tan ulined ThirdLove bra

“Wow! I was skeptical I wouldn’t be a fan of this 24/7 unlined bra since the material is thinner, but I absolutely love it! It’s so comfy and silky feeling. It feels light and breezy. You still have the added support, but the material is stretchy and soft. I’m a 42C and hate bras that pinch in any way, but this one feels fantastic.” 

She even has 2 of their Classic T-Shirt bras just like mine and raves about their customer service. 😍

woman wearing black bra under denim shirt

“I first discovered ThirdLove during quarantine when my old bras were toast! I needed new ones but could not try any on anywhere. My three sisters-in-law are all ThirdLove fans and suggested I try them. I am usually the most frugal person when it comes to bras and I wear them until they shred. LOL!

They’re such high quality, wash well, and still look great after almost two years! I’ve been wearing the t-shirt bras for a year and love them so much!

They are legit my favorite bras with lots of support, but also comfort. I love that the strap stays in place. They also have great customer service because my first order was too small and they sent out new ones right away! It was incredibly EASY to exchange too!”

Melinda was surprised by how much she’s been reaching for her new unlined ThirdLove bra.

close up of woman wearing nude bra holding thirdlove discount code bra tag

“I was skeptical of this unlined bra because I didn’t think it would provide enough coverage for me, BUT I’m a huge fan. I have the ThirdLove T-Shirt Bra and this unlined bra and I find myself preferring and reaching for this one more often than not. It is so comfortable and also gives me the lift and support I need with the underwire. Definitely recommend giving this one a try!”

Even our Hip reader Jessica who needs a different kind of support is absolutely loving this ThirdLove unlined bra. Here’s what she said:

woman wearing nude unlined thirdlove bra

“In February of 2022, I underwent a bilateral mastectomy to aesthetic flat closer. I have breast forms that I wear on occasion as well as other ‘fill-ins’ so I have to be very picky about the type of bra I wear because my forms need to stay in place. This unlined ThirdLove bra is super soft and the fit is true to size. After wearing the bra all morning, everything stayed in place and really was very natural appearing even with my prosthetics. I love the material and the shape is really nice. I would definitely recommend this.”

Thank you so much for sharing your review with us Jessica! You look absolutely beautiful! 🤩

woman holding up pink sign about thirdlove discount code laughing

Well ladies, the only question you’ll be asking yourself is…what are you going to try first?!

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