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Al “Weird Al” Yankovic, 64, has been making people laugh with his comedy songs since he first started out as a teen. Throughout the years of his success, the musician has been supported by various family, friends, and fans and one of the most supportive of all has been his wife, Suzanne Yankovic. The lovebirds have been married since 2001 and although they remain pretty private, they have been in the spotlight a bit more with the recent release of Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, a biopic about Al that was released in 2022.

Al is now set to get attention once again when he sings the theme song to the classic sitcom, The Dick Van Dyke Show, in an upcoming CBS special celebrating Dick Van Dyke‘s 98th birthday. The already recorded special placed Al on a replicated set of the show, which aired from 1961 until 1966, and reportedly had Dick “almost in tears.” The special will air on CBS on December 21 at 9 p.m.

As Al continues to make a lasting difference in the music and comedy industry, get to know more about Suzanne and their love story below.

Who is Weird Al’s Wife?

Suzanne seems to be a photographer, according to her Instagram account. She has also been listed as a marketing executive with 20th Century Fox. The loving wife of Weird Al is known to be good friends with actress Jamie Lee Curtis, and in July 2023, she made headlines for alerting California officials to a potentially dangerous road hazard. She took to Instagram to share a video that showed a crumbling portion of the bluffs above Pacific Coast Highway.

“I noticed this crack from the bluffs, seems precarious fyi,” Suzanne wrote in her post, tagging city officials. If the cliffside collapsed, it could have been catastrophic for those driving below, so a crane was brought in to break apart the top portion of the unstable bluff with debris being hauled away in dump trucks.

How Did Weird Al and Suzanne Meet?

Weird Al and Suzanne were first introduced by their mutual friend Bill Mumy. In a 2014 interview, Suzanne admitted to Rolling Stone that she was hesitant to get to know her future husband at the time. “Then I thought, ‘That’s kind of shallow of me to just be looking at a persona. People are often so different than how they appear,’” she said. “We clicked immediately,” she added.

Weird Al and Suzanne spent weeks on the phone getting to know each other and finally met up for their first official date. “Going to meet her for our first date, I was like, ‘I hope she’s cute, ’cause I just might marry her,’” Weird Al told Wired.

When Did Weird Al and Suzanne Get Married?

Weird Al and Suzanne said “I do” on February 10, 2001. “I guess we did get married a little late in life, but neither one of us had been married before and neither of us intends to be married again,” Weird Al also told Wired. “I enjoyed being single. But when I got married I found I was even happier, and when I had a kid I was even happier, still.”

Do Weird Al and Suzanne Have Kids?

Weird Al and Suzanne welcomed their daughter, Nina, in 2003. “She likes playing outside, animals and nature,” Weird Al said about Nina, in a previous interview. “I was always watching TV at her age. Where did we go right?”

When she was 11, Nina also spoke with Rolling Stone herself. “We take out mini marshmallows and put them on sticks and roast them over a candle. It’s really fun. Sometimes an owl comes onto a tree and we look at him with binoculars,” she said about some of the fun activities she does with her parents.

As Nina got older, she eventually reportedly studied at Williams College in Williamstown, MA.


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