Revaeon Drops Explosive Single ‘Feels Like’


Renowned multi-talented artist Revaeon is once again has released an explosive single, “Feels Like,” this time through the prestigious Seal Network label. Following the success of previous chart-topping hits like “Flashback” and “Fell Into You,” Revaeon continues to amaze us with his boundary-pushing production style.

His commitment to pushing his musical limits is evident in each release, and “Feels Like” is no exception. This latest track seamlessly blends the pulsating beats of electro house with the futuristic vibes of future rave, creating a sonic experience that is set to leave a lasting impression on electronic music enthusiasts. With “Feels Like,” Revaeon takes his sonic journey to new heights, promising an electrifying fusion that will once again set dance floors ablaze.

Listen below!

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