Hate Your Bra? We Don’t Blame You— Try These 5 Alternative Bra Types


What is the first thing women tend to do when they get home? Take off their bra. And why? Because no one wants to deal with the typical bra with uncomfortable straps and wires that end up poking out over time and stabbing you in the side!

Absolutely no one. Lucky for all the bra-wearers out there, the traditional underwire bra isn’t the only option anymore. At least five alternative bra types come to mind right away, and we’ve gathered them today to show you all your options.

5 Alternative Bra Types to Try

Sports Bras or Wireless Bras

If you haven’t tried a good sports bra or a wireless bra because you thought it wouldn’t be cute or supportive enough, we have some suggestions for you! Even though they can look similar to typical wired bras, they offer a seamlessness that wired options can’t and can be very comfortable. 

Harper Wilde offers different colors and styles in wireless bras up to a size 6XL! One reason we love Harper Wilde is their commitment to expand sizing and get it right. They’ve been partnering with plus size women for fit testing over the last couple of years and have gradually expanded their size selection.

Boob Tape

We promise this isn’t just for the smaller-chested ladies out there! There are countless videos floating around social media showing larger-chested women using boob tape as an alternative bra type. Many brands claim their tape is sweatproof, so my sweaty Bettys can rest assured while rocking that backless, strapless, or low-cut dress.

A brand we found on TikTok, sincerelynude, offers tapes with different strength levels to accommodate different chest sizes. Their largest is designated for D+ cups. And the best part is they offer their boob tape in 4 different shades to better match your skin tone. 

Nipple Pasties

While nipple pasties won’t offer much in the way of support, if you are a plus size woman with an average to smaller chest, these may be a great alternative bra option for you! They’re basically stickers for your nipples. 


You can use them with strapless or backless tops to cover the bare minimum. Boob-eez offers their “headlight hiders” in 3 different skin tone shades. They are just in a basic round shape, but there are other brands that offer pasties in lace and sequins if you are feeling a little more flashy!

Frontless Bra

The name frontless bra seems a little contradictory, right? Well, when you see how it is made, it makes total sense. A frontless bra is basically a set of connected pads that offer support and a wire that goes across the ribcage. The pads and wire are positioned to give you some cleavage.

Misses Kisses offers frontless bras in different plunges, colors, and sizes. We also love that Misses Kisses contributes 15% of their proceeds to the Breast Cancer Research Fund in order to help fund and research this disease.

Go Braless

The best alternative bra type is no bra! And yes, we know this isn’t an option for everyone or even for all occasions, but we very much believe in wearing what makes you the most comfortable. If you want to rock a braless look, let this be your inspiration to do it!

We hope this list gave you some good ideas of the alternative bra types available that can make you feel more comfortable no matter your style!

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