Instagram Experiments with New Public ‘Collections’ Feature on Profiles


Instagram’s looking to expand its Collections feature, in order to enable users to share Collections of posts on their profile, which could help to give people more insight into their interests.

Instagram Collections

As you can see in this example screen, posted by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram’s public Collections option would be available via your IG profile, which any visitor would then be able to view in the app.

That could be a handy way to show off some of your key interests, like celebrities, books, or movies, which may help to give visitors more insight as to whether to hit “Follow” or not.

It’s an extension of the collaborative Collections feature that IG launched back in March, which enables users to kick off a private discussion based on a post, with any chat user can then able to add posts to the display.

Instagram collaborative collection

That’s designed to spark more chat engagement, using posts as a basis for new discussions, which is similar to this new experiment, though more focused on the individual, as opposed to the chat.

Though it may not be ready for launch just yet.

Instagram’s been developing the option since September, with Paluzzi also sharing various examples of the actual posting process in action.

Instagram Collections

It seems that IG is still developing the option, but it could provide another way to facilitate more connections among like-minded users.

It’s an interesting experiment, either way. And for brands (if it makes it to brand profiles), it could provide another showcase of your products.

Then again, it could also feel a little cluttered, which is something that Instagram has been working to avoid.

We’ll find out soon, if/when Instagram releases the new profile Collections feature.

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