12 Anthropologie Furniture & Home Lookalikes


Save on these much more budget-friendly Anthropologie furniture lookalikes!

black coffee table in center of living room

Style your home on a budget with lookalike furniture finds.

From trendy Anthropologie furniture lookalikes to must-have home decor, we’ve sourced plenty of budget-friendly finds to decorate your home. We love sourcing all the best budget-friendly swaps so that you can style your space without having to splurge. While we love Anthro, sometimes those full-priced pieces are simply out of the question.  🙅‍♀️

Instead, here are some of our favorite Anthropologie furniture and home decor lookalikes you can score for way less:

1. Give your bathroom a luxury feel with this affordable boho bath towel set on Amazon.

Stock photo of mint green bath towels and wooden brush on wood chair in bathroom

Stock photo of mint green bath towels

For a fraction of the cost, you can still get some luxury bath towels over on Amazon. Our mint green choice even comes with two washcloths so you’re getting the whole set of six for under $50. Even better, this set is also available and 5 other colors, and while they do cost slightly more, they’re still significantly less than Anthropologie’s – even on sale.

2. Save on this decorative ruffled marble bowl that’s sure to make a statement on your coffee table.

Stock photo of white marble ruffled bowl

Stock photo of white marble ruffled bowl

If we’re not mistaken, this is the exact same bowl for less on Amazon! Both bowls are handmade, made of real marble, and sure to make a statement anywhere you put it. We love that this Amazon shop also has many other sizes available to suit your design needs.

3. Grab a glass match cloche to style your new open shelving and save $ on our Amazon pick.

light green Anthropologie Skeem Glass Match Cloche

stock photo of clear glass match cloche

You’ll get the same 11″ size cloche for less on Amazon and we are more favorable to the neutral clear glass one too. You can also choose between white or black-tipped matches. 😍 Although, the price difference between the two cloches isn’t huge, the Amazon one ships free and we know it’ll look amazing on your shelves.

Just keep in mind there aren’t a ton of reviews on the Amazon item. However, they are all five stars and the seller has a 92% rating from verified buyers.

4. Add some trendy arched mirrors in your bathroom or entryway.

black arch mirror on floral wallpaper wall

black arch mirror on white wall

Grab one of these mirrors for your entryway or bathroom! It’s a gorgeous, yet simple statement piece you can add to spruce up your home and when you buy it at Target, you’ll save nearly $300! In fact, you’ll still pay less for two of these Target finds if you’re making over a bathroom with a double vanity. Even better, our more affordable find is even more highly rated making it a no-brainer for your home upgrade.

5. Amazon has the perfect Anthropologie lookalike for the most sought-after gold mirror.

gold gleaming primrose mirror on pink wall

gold mirror on rug leaning on gray couch

If you’ve had your eye on this stunning intricate gold Primrose mirror at Anthro (I mean, who doesn’t?!), you’re in luck because Amazon sells a similar one for just a fraction of the cost! Even better, they have 6 other sizes and 4 other finishes to choose from to perfectly complete your space!

6. Score a mid-century accent chair for a fraction of the cost at Target.

mustard colored leather accent chair in staged room

vegan leather accent chair on white floor next to books and plant

The only major difference between these two retro accent chairs is that you’ll get vegan leather with our Anthropologie furniture lookalike from Target, whereas you’ll break the bank at Anthro paying for the real deal. This stylish Target piece features the same caramel-colored cushions, honey spindle wood frame & legs, and it even has the same buckle detailing on the side. It’s sure to be a showstopper no matter which one you choose and it ships free!

Just note that there aren’t currently any reviews on this item, but we sure love Target’s generous return policy in case you don’t love it.

7. This timeless coffee table is the perfect Anthropologie furniture lookalike and is $100 cheaper than it was last year.

black coffee table in staged living room with decor

black coffee table in staged living room with decor

The style of this coffee table couldn’t be more similar to the Anthropologie furniture! While it’s currently out of stock, you can add your email to receive notifications when it will be back. If you’re not interested in playing the waiting game, you can scoop it up in a natural wood color right now!

8. Add some luxury to your bedroom or living room with these luxe velvet curtains.

To mauve colored velvet curtains, hanging on curtain rod in front of window

To mauve colored velvet curtains, hanging on curtain rod in front of window

Dramatic curtains can totally transform any room in your home and we love these mauve-colored velvet ones for the perfect boho touch. Our Amazon pick comes in a two-pack so you’re spending less for the set than you would for just one panel at Anthropologie. You’ll also have the convenience of two different hanging options and numerous other colors to choose from.

9. The Savavieh brand did it again with this retro bed frame.

stock photo of black metal bed frame with white bedding

black metal bed frame stock photo

Pay over half the cost of this bed when you opt for this lookalike at Bed Bath & Beyond! While it doesn’t feature the same gold accents as Anthro’s you’ll still get the same modern lines that will pop against any crisp white bedding. You could always paint the connection points with gold paint for that extra glam touch! Just note that it’s currently on backorder, but we think the savings is worth the wait. 😉

Home Depot has the same bed in a full size and it ships immediately!

Don’t want a footboard?

black iron bed with white bedding and throw pillows

Consider this affordable headboard option from Wayfair that comes in 4 different finishes! Even better, you may be able to scoop up an open box for less if you’re patient!

10. Modern essential oil diffusers will put the zen & sophistication you’re looking for in your home.

white oil diffuser sitting on black book

white oil diffuser sitting on table next to books

While Amazon also sells this same exact diffuser as Anthro (with 4 different colors available for the same regular price) you can also find nearly identical Anthropologie versions that are well over half the price, yet you’ll still achieve the sleek and modern designs you’re looking for.

black stone essential oil diffuser on table with steam coming out of top

Even cooler, these affordable Anthropologie lookalike diffusers come in literally all the same exact colors (and then some), so you’ll get plenty of options to choose from too!

11. You can find this seriously trendy arch storage cabinet for less at Urban Outfitters.

black arch storage cabinet with glass doors

black and natural wood arch storage cabinet on floor

While still a pricey buy, you can score this highly sought-after storage cabinet at Urban Outfitters for about $1,000 less. It’s a splurge, but is an heirloom piece you’ll love for many years to come!

Check if this arched cabinet from Sam’s Club (ONLY $599!!!) to see if it’s available near you! Psst…they sell out FAST!

12. Or scoop up a caned storage cabinet if you’re looking for a more boho look.

caned storage cabinet in empty space with concrete floor

caned storage cabinet in empty space with concrete floor

France & Son has the perfect Anthropologie furniture lookalike if you’re looking for something more boho to store all your clothing or throw blankets. While this is also still a splurge, it’s almost half the cost of the popular Anthropologie cabinet. Dare we say we love the less expensive one even more? 😏

We found the perfect West Elm lookalikes too!

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