Modern Day Renaissance Woman Elaine Walker Revives Timeless Album: “Four-Momentum”



Embarking on an unparalleled auditory odyssey, underground electronic artist Elaine Walker is back with a rebranded fan-favorite album, “Four-Momentum,” shedding the ZIA moniker to distinctively represent her evolving musical identity. A luminary in the realm of microtonal (xenharmonic) music, Elaine’s creative prowess extends far beyond the confines of traditional genres. Her eclectic portfolio boasts titles such as published research mathematician, inventor of the vertical keyboard, and black-belt martial artist.

A fervent advocate for human space exploration since the early 90s, Elaine’s five summers spent in the High Arctic documenting NASA-funded “Mars Missions” underscore her commitment to intertwining her passion for music with an exploration of the cosmos. Founding ZIA (1991-2011), her all-synth band, Elaine utilized raw organic hardware synthesizers to produce a sound that epitomized an 80s-inspired intergalactic atmosphere. Now, with the rebranding of “Four-Momentum” to “Elaine Walker,” she introduces a shift in sonic landscapes, embracing a 70s-disco-from-the-year-3000 feel. The album, enriched by xenharmonic scales and Bohlen-Pierce tuning, is an auditory masterpiece that defies conventional boundaries, exemplified in tracks like “Magic Rectangle,” where otherworldly notes seamlessly blend into a hypnotic and unforgettable composition.

Elaine’s retro yet cutting-edge musical fusion serves as a testament to her boundless creativity and profound understanding of the marriage between math and music theory. Her autism, often regarded as a superpower, allows her to reinvent and reimagine the intricacies of her lifelong studies.

As fans delve into the universe of Elaine Walker through, she has promised an alien-inspired album forthcoming project, “No Terrestrial Road,” so stay tuned for more details!


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