TikTok Adds New ‘Cutout’ Option to Change the Background of Your Clips


TikTok’s added a handy new video editing tool which makes it easier to add an alternative background to your clips.

TikTok cutout

As you can see in this example, shared by Jonah Manzano, the new “Cutout” editing option enables you to easily replace the background of your video with an alternative scene, by isolating the focus element of the clip.

Which is pretty much the same as the green screen effect, which people have been using in the app for years, but this provides more editing capacity without having to plan ahead, which could be good for situations where you don’t like the look of your setting or can’t get the lighting right.

Or there might be something you want to hide in the back, or you might just want to see what other backgrounds look like. Either way, it’s another handy editing tool, which could help you make more standout TikTok clips.  

The new Cutout option is in the editing tools of the TikTok composer.

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