7 Fun Plus Size Friendly Group Trips to Check Out for 2024


If you’re anything like me, you’re planning your 2024 travel already! In my years of being a plus size blogger (who also writes a good amount about LGBT travel), I often hear from other plus size people that they want to travel but worry about airplane seat sizes, accessibility, and other issues. And when you think about taking a whole group on a plus size friendly group trip, the obstacles seem to multiply.

Now, not every mode of travel is plus size friendly, but there are an increasing number of travel opportunities for plus size and fat travelers. Many of these opportunities are plus size friendly group trips that make a concerted effort to be inclusive!

Plus Size Friendly Group Trips

There are a few companies and a good amount of plus size travel influencers and bloggers running plus size travel group trips in 2024.

While I haven’t traveled with these folks, I hope this post can be a helpful resource for plus size travel in 2024. We strongly recommend reading all the fine print on delays, cancellations, etc., and looking into all types of travel and traveler health insurance before booking any trips.

Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Plus Size Group Trip

I love all these options for plus size travel group trips in 2024, but I like to ask a lot of questions before laying down a deposit. The number one mistake I have personally made when traveling is assuming I knew what the trip entailed and how it would go.

  1. Are there size limits? Unfortunately, even plus size friendly trips can have limitations. For example, zip lining, rock climbing, snorkeling, etc, can have constraints based on your waist measurement. If you’re booking a trip with these types of adventures, double-check that you can participate!
  2. What type of travel insurance do I need? Ok, making sure to have travel insurance is a must for any trip, and be sure to read the fine print here as well. I don’t just mean insurance for cancellations or issues. I also mean insurance for health, disasters, and other things that come up during travel!

    Note: This is not intended to be professional travel insurance advice. Please consult a travel agent to help you make the best travel insurance decisions for you.

  3. What should I expect? Different types of trips have different vibes! If you want to stay at a resort and hang out, make sure you don’t book an activity-packed trip with very little downtime.

    Also, I have made some, shall we say, uninformed travel choices by not looking up what a culture is like before going! I recommend checking out travel blogger experiences on social media, browsing Reddit, and maybe buying a guidebook. I like the Culture Smart series.

  4. Can this trip accommodate me? If you have any mobility constraints, communicate them to both the host and trip operator. You should always communicate issues like struggles with uneven pavement, long walks, specific weather, etc. to ensure you can actually enjoy all the aspects of the trip.
  5. What’s my travel style? Do I want to stay in one place or travel around? When traveling to multiple places, I prefer to stay in one place for at least three nights. I find it exhausting to pack up and move to a new spot every 1-2 nights, and that’s okay! Be realistic about your travel style!
  6. Should I invite a friend? Listen, I’m a huge extrovert and love meeting new groups of people. You may not feel the same way! It’s totally fine (and encouraged!) to invite a bestie you already know to a plus size friendly group trip— especially if it means you’ll enjoy yourself more!

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