MediaTek’s new Dimensity Auto Cockpit chips bring advanced AI capabilities to vehicles



Key Takeaways

  • MediaTek’s latest Dimensity Auto Cockpit chipsets, powered by NVIDIA Technology, bring advanced AI capabilities to vehicles for a smarter ride experience.
  • These new automotive chips support NVIDIA DRIVE OS, deep-learning capabilities, and next-gen GPU, enabling cutting-edge AI-based safety and entertainment applications.
  • The chips also offer better visuals with NVIDIA’s RTX GPU, multi-camera HDR ISP support, and integrated audio DSP for enhanced safety and convenience.

Automobiles have come a long way since the first model was created in 1885 when Karl Friedrich Benz built the first vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine. Fast-forward to 1994, and we have self-driving automobiles thanks to the Prometheus project, which launched in 1986 and culminated in 1995, when a Mercedes S-Class made a 1,092-mile journey from Munich, Germany, to Copenhagen, Denmark, and back, at some times without human intervention.

These once fascinating results were possible thanks to the computing power available at that time. However, technology’s constant evolution and 30 years’ worth of time have taken automobile technologies to new heights with never-before-seen possibilities. This leads us to MediaTek’s latest announcement, as the tech giant brings advanced AI capabilities to vehicles with the new collection of Dimensity Auto Cockpit chipsets enabled by NVIDIA Technology to make your ride smarter.

MediaTek's new Dimensity Auto Cockpit chips

MediaTek announced four new automotive chips, which come to make part of its Dimensity Auto Cockpit selection. These new chips aim to deliver “powerful AI in-cabin experiences for the next generation of intelligent vehicles.” The four new SoCs include the MediaTek Dimensity Auto Cockpit CX-1, CY-1, CM-1, and CV-1, which arrive with support for NVIDIA DRIVE OS, deep-learning capabilities, state-of-the-art ARM v9-A system and NVIDIA’s next-gen GPU, accelerated AI computing, and NVIDIA RTX graphics, will be powerful enough to help your ride support “chatbots, rich content delivery to multiple displays, driver alertness detection, and other cutting-edge AI-based safety and entertainment applications.”

You also get the advantage of running applications locally, which is perfect for security and improved speeds, as you won’t have to wait for your car to connect to a server to get things rolling; in other words, goodbye extended waiting times for stuff to work.

Jerry Yu, Corporate Senior Vice President and General Manager of MediaTek’s CCM Business, explained:

“Generative AI is transforming the automotive industry in the same way that it has revolutionized the mobile market with more personalized and intuitive computing experiences.

The Dimensity Auto Cockpit portfolio will unleash a new wave of AI-powered entertainment in vehicles, and our unified hardware and software platform makes it easy for automakers to scale AI capabilities across their entire lineup.”

Better visuals with NVIDIA’s RTX GPUMediaTek’s Dimensity Auto display features

Having an NVIDIA RTX GPU will also help you experience better visuals, as you get support for “ray tracing for realistic visuals and lighting effects in games, plus AI upscaling and frame generation for fast, fluid action.” Users will also fall in love with the new experience that will allow them to stream videos and other content across multiple displays seamlessly, and you can even have your conference calls while on the road, as the advanced video conferencing features, including AI gaze correction and AI-based audio enhancement, will help to deliver an amazing experience. Just try not to be driving while you’re on an important call.

MediaTek’s Dimensity Auto benefits

My favorite features of MediaTek’s chips is that they arrive with built-in multi-camera HDR ISP support for front-facing, in-cabin, and bird’s-eye-view cameras for a wide variety of safety applications. The integrated audio DSP is also great, as it supports the most popular digital assistants, so you can get information on the go, or control your entertainment without having to take your hands off the wheel.

For more information about MediaTek’s Dimensity Auto portfolio, click here. You will be amazed at the benefits of these chips.


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