School Paper Organizer (Easy DIY With Free Printables Included)



Wondering how to organize kids’ school papers at home? This DIY school paper organizer is easy & efficient!

woman pulling a paper from a school paper organizer bin

Looking for a better way to organize your child’s school papers & memories this year? 📚🤓

Storing keepsake papers, awards, report cards, artwork, etc., can become so overwhelming for a parent. While you’d like to keep everything realistically, that isn’t always possible.

Unless you make a school paper organizer! This way, you can hold everything in one place and stay organized! Plus, it keeps your kiddo’s schoolwork from getting crinkled or destroyed.

Consider setting up a system before the school year starts so you can easily organize your memories all year long!

school paper organizer for kids' papers

How to organize kids’ school papers at home.

I want to say that I’m an organized person, but honestly, I’ve always struggled with paper clutter and knowing what to do with my children’s “stuff.” For instance, I have papers stashed in my office, the kitchen, their rooms, and even the garage.

With that said, I’m working on this school paper organizer project to get myself motivated to identify the BEST pieces to hold onto, and so far, it’s working!

finished school paper organizer storage bin

This easy filing system keeps only the very best memories of each school year and stores them all together in a plastic hanging file bin for each child. This paper storage solution has been such a helpful idea for me, and it’s working out great for our family!

I’m sharing these FREE printable labels and cover sheets so you can create a school paper organizer for your kids, too!

printables for school paper organizer

supplies needed to create school paper organizer

School organization storage file box

DIY School Paper Organizer



Fill out the hanging file cover sheets for each grade including year, teacher, school, etc., and attach a school photo for each year. Glue or tape to the front of a hanging file.


Attach labels for each school year to file folders. If desired, you can create multiple file folders for each year and separate them into different categories such as schoolwork, artwork, awards, etc. File papers according to each grade level.


Label the bin with your child’s name. Feel free to use a marker, or save this blank label with a school supply border and open it in an image editor to add text. I used, an online editing tool, to add text to images. The font pictured is called Yesteryear.

filing system for school paper organization

This school paper organizer is really easy to keep up with once you have it all set up!

If you’re wondering how to organize kids’ school papers at home, try this easy DIY project. Honestly, I wish I had done this storage system years ago when my first child started school. I love looking back at all my kids’ special writing assignments and memories, and I know that they will, too, in the future!

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