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We may still be getting used to the Samsung Galaxy S24 line after it was released in January this year, but we’re already looking ahead to the hugely anticipated Samsung Galaxy S25 range.

The Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus and Galaxy S24 Ultra have so far exceeded Samsung’s expectations, with reports last month confirming record sales in the US and around 10 million units sold worldwide within a month of launch. Such early success has seen the tech giant revise sales targets.

That’s despite reports earlier this year that rival Apple had reclaimed top spot over Samsung in European smartphone sales.

As a result, the Samsung Galaxy S25 series will have a lot to live up to when it finally comes around. It’s still early days, so there isn’t a lot of information about what we can expect, but there have been some very early rumors circulating that will no doubt begin to shape fans’ expectations.

When will the Samsung Galaxy S25 arrive?

The Samsung Galaxy S25 series will likely launch in early 2025, which follows the trend of recent Galaxy S generations.

Samsung prefers early-year releases, so we might expect to see something at an event in January 2025, with the official release potentially arriving in February 2025.

What are Samsung Galaxy S25 specs?

While it’s still too early for definite spec announcements, some rumors are pointing to some significant improvements in the Samsung Galaxy S25 series.

Ranging from a better camera to improved AI to a next-generation chip, there’s a lot to potentially be excited about.

Better Camera

The past three Galaxy S generations have seen a consistent combination of 50MP main, 12MP ultrawide and 10MP telephoto camera setups, but tipster Revgnus has claimed via their X account that the S25 will scrap the Samsung IsoCell G3 sensor for something created by Sony.

Leaker @Tech_Reve has gone one further by claiming the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra will have a new 50MP ultra-wide camera, an upgraded main snapper and a variable zoom telephoto lens, allowing for the ability to optically zoom to various distances.

Meanwhile, @BennettBuhner has claimed on X that the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra could have a new 200MP main camera with a bigger 1-inch sensor.

Both, though, have reiterated that these leaks are very early and must not be taken as fact just yet.

Snapdragon 8 Gen 4

The S24 series boasts the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, which hits 3.3GHz and makes for impressive processing power for a mobile phone chip. Rumors, though, suggest the Galaxy S25 might see the inclusion of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4, which is believed to be able to hit 4GHz.

The one thing that has fuelled this particular rumor is Qualcomm teasing at Snapdragon Summit 2023 that pretty big changes to the next chipset are on the horizon.

That said, similar to the Galaxy S24 series, it’s being reported that we should not expect the Galaxy S25 to have the same chipset worldwide. UK and European users may instead get the Exynos 2500, which is yet to be released.

South Korean site Ajunews claims Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 is expected to power many of the top Android phones in 2025, so that will likely include the S25. It is claimed Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 may support LPDDR6 (Low-Power Double Data Rate 6) RAM.

There is also speculation from Revgnnus that Samsung’s next-gen chipset will be built on a 3nm process, as opposed to the 4nm process the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 is built on. This may lead to a more battery-efficient handset for those running off Exynos.

Improved AI

As a result of improved RAM, on-device AI tasks will naturally get a welcome improvement. Smartphones running LPDDR6 RAM may be able to handle more AI duties without the need for the cloud or an internet connection. This could be a bit of a game-changer as smartphone companies seek to implement artificial intelligence to future handsets.

Currently, AI features on the Samsung Galaxy S24 require the internet to work and they can be quite slow. Additionally, the need to send data to the cloud adds concerns surrounding privacy.

Ajunews has said that there is no guarantee LPDDR6 RAM will be included in Galaxy S25 but, if it is, it will arguably make it the leading handset on the market for AI skills.

Bigger Battery

@BennettBuhner has also claimed on X the Samsung Galaxy S25 series could have bigger batteries than previous generations but did not expand on what that might look like.

If the handsets do include LPDDR6 RAM, it’s a safe bet that Samsung will need to include bigger batteries to handle the additional processing power. Nothing is confirmed just yet, though.

How will the Samsung Galaxy S25 look?

The Samsung Galaxy S24 looks very much like previous generations, but there are some rumors, fuelled that Samsung is planning substantial design changes to the Samsung Galaxy S25 series.

What that looks like is still under wraps, but we are beginning to hear some rumors that might eventually give us an idea of what to expect this time next year.

Larger Screen

@BennetBuhner claims that the Galaxy S25 Ultra could boast a slightly larger screen that’s closer to 6.9 inches, which is only marginally larger than the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s 6.8-inch screen.


How much will the Samsung Galaxy S25 cost?

Samsung has a history of pricing its smartphones very similarly and while there is hope the Galaxy S25 series will be no different, some of the potential new specs and features may force the tech giant into going for a higher price point.

The Galaxy S24 currently retails at £799, while the S23 was priced at £849 at launch and the S22 hit the shelves at £769. However, if the S25 comes equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 4, which is expected to cost more, Samsung may opt to pass those additional costs on to their customers.

What that looks like remains to be seen, while you will expect to be paying more for the Plus and Ultra models, which are currently going for £999 and £1,249 respectively in the S24 series.

Featured Image: Photo by Anh Nhat on Unsplash


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