Sound Tracks: A fascinating archaeological history of music


MPTKBG Trumpets and trumpet tube, Bronze Age (Britain), (c2500 BC-c800 BC). Artist: Unknown.

Trumpets and a trumpet tube from between 4500 and 2800 years ago

Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology/Heritage Images/Alamy

Sound Tracks
Graeme Lawson (Bodley Head)

DIGGING around for old instruments and the sounds of the past is a natural obsession of music lovers. It conjures up those countless hours spent happily scouring record stores or digital archives for treasures, building up a vinyl collection or rooting out rare gems for a playlist.

For archaeologist, multi-instrumentalist and historian Graeme Lawson, it takes on a more literal meaning as well as an impressively ambitious scope. The publicity for his new…

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